10 Ideas for Greening Your Kitchen Remodel

Here are 10 strategies for keeping your kitchen remodeling project green:

  1. Air Quality
    Ensure that your stove hood is vented to the exterior.  In addition to exhaust for your cooking, an exterior vent will help with indoor air quality.
  2. Kitchen Recycling Center
    Design your new kitchen with a practical and functional recycling center.
  3. Durability
    Ensure that all of the materials for your kitchen including kitchen cabinets and counters will last.
  4. Pantry
    By designing a pantry in your new kitchen you can increase storage space and reduce the number of cabinets required.
  5. Replace windows
    Replacing your windows during your kitchen remodel can help with both energy efficiency and day light.
  6. Energy Efficient Lighting
    Consider lighting efficiency as you create your kitchen lighting design.
  7. Kitchen flooring
    Re-use/refinish your existing flooring or consider a new floor with certified or reclaimed material.
  8. Greener Cabinets
    Select cabinets from a manufacturer that uses FSC certified materials and formaldehyde free construction methods.
  9. Counters
    Kitchen counter manufacturers are offering a number of choices for recycled content.
  10. Kitchen appliances
    Evaluate the energy efficiency options for your kitchen appliances.  Efficient dishwashers and refrigerator represent significant energy savings opportunities.