Easy Being Green Remodeling

The secret to realistic green remodeling is taking small steps selected to fit your individual project.  Through education, persistence and flexibility many small changes can be introduced into your project to deliver a big change in sustainability.

What to Look for in a Green Remodeling Firm

As you are evaluating firms to assist you with your green remodel look for a company that:

  • Holds a professional certification such as a NARI Green Certified Professional
  • Has a clear statement of sustainability
  • Incorporates green practices into every project
  • Continues education for staff and trades

How Your Remodeling Firm Can Help Keep It Green

A green remodeling project does not have to be more expensive. Here are some small steps that your remodeler can incorporate into any project  with little or no additional costs:

  • Design for sustainability
  • Separate/recycle demolition debris
  • Use local resources whenever possible
  • Take extra care in weather sealing and insulation
  • Use PEX piping for rough plumbing
  • Use wallboard with recycled paper

How You Can Help Green Your Project

As a homeowner, the choices that you make will also help to keep your project “green”

  • Select water-conserving fixtures
  • Re-use or salvage materials
  • Select recycled finish materials
  • Use local resources
  • Use energy star rated appliances

While the high profile projects (solar energy, geothermal heat pumps, etc.) tend to get the most press, the small steps that can be introduced into every project will have a big impact.  Check out the Green My Project Tool for more green remodeling ideas.