Steps for a Successful Kitchen Design

Planning Your New Kitchen –

Is the thought of undergoing a full kitchen design and remodeling project overwhelming?   Here are some tips that will help with your kitchen design.

Your Experience and Priorities –

Successful kitchen design starts with your experience with your existing kitchen.  What works, what is missing, what are the “must haves” for your new kitchen.  By compiling a list of priorities for your kitchen design you ensure that your new kitchen works for your family.  Start clipping pictures – a folder full of kitchen designs and ideas that you like is a great place to start.

Priorities for your new kitchen go beyond the obvious (more counter space and storage) and should include answers to questions like:

  • How many people will be cooking
  • What is your cooking style
  • Will you use the new kitchen space for other functions (entertaining, homework, dining)
  • How will your kitchen tie into the rest of your house
  • Are there any special requirements for appliances
  • What is your kitchen remodel budget

The Kitchen Design

Armed with your list of priorities you are ready to start considering designs.   Working with a kitchen designer you begin to match your priorities with the new design for your kitchen remodeling project. During the initial design stages your designer will ensure that your kitchen encompasses basic kitchen design guidelines such as:

  • The work triangle
  • Designated areas for food prep, cleanup etc
  • Clearance space required
  • Adequate storage and counter space
  • Is a kitchen seating area required
  • Cabinet design and styles
  • Appliances and fixtures
  • Lighting

With your priorities, your kitchen designer can pull together a kitchen plan that meets your needs.  As you work with your designer to finalize the designs for your new space you will finalize products, cabinet styles and finishes for your new space. The initial planning and preparation that have gone into your kitchen design allows for the preparation of a detailed estimate and construction schedule.  If you are working with a firm that offers design and construction services you can have the whole process managed in one place.