Saving Money with Clean and Green Energy

Home owners can save money by using energy efficient and clean energy technologies in their home renovations.  Not only do these technologies cost less to operate over time, but there are a number of financial incentives and tax advantages when you include green energy technologies in your home improvement... Read More »

Easy Being Green Remodeling

Easy Being Green Remodeling The secret to realistic green remodeling is taking small steps selected to fit your individual project.  Through education, persistence and flexibility many small changes can be introduced into your project to deliver a big change in sustainability. What to Look for in a Green Remodeling Firm As you are evaluating firms to assist you with your green... Read More »

How the EPA RRP Rule Affects Your Remodeling Project

How the EPA RRP Rule Affects Your Remodeling Project As of April 2010, the EPA “Renovation, Repair and Painting” (RRP) program is in affect.  This post outlines the key considerations for the new EPA rule. EPA requires that firms performing renovation, repair, and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in pre-1978 homes, child care facilities and schools be... Read More »

Remodeling Energy Incentives in Massachusetts

Remodeling Energy Incentives in Massachusetts This post will outline the various option for energy related remodeling incentives that are available in Massachusetts.  Incentives such as the “Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency”  are well publicized and offer an effective way to offset the costs associated with improving the energy efficiency of your home.  Other incentives... Read More »

10 Ideas for Greening Your Kitchen Remodel

10 Ideas for Greening Your Kitchen Remodel Here are 10 strategies for keeping your kitchen remodeling project green: Air Quality Ensure that your stove hood is vented to the exterior.  In addition to exhaust for your cooking, an exterior vent will help with indoor air quality. Kitchen Recycling Center Design your new kitchen with a practical and... Read More »