Sample Kitchen Addition

Sometimes the best way to enlarge your kitchen is to build its very own designated spot onto your home! This family chose to build a kitchen addition to give them more space to cook and the kitchen they always longed for. Additionally, PEGASUS built them a bathroom during this remodel. Check out the cost breakdown as well as the old and new floor plans below!

Sample Kitchen Addition Cost Breakdown

Old Floor Plan

New Floor Plan

Job Phase Gross Total Costs
Permits $3,728
Project Management $6,390
Site Preparation $1,321
Demolition $7,185
Dumpster $2,237
Concrete $15,705
Framing $25,333
Siding $4,544
Millwork & Trim $3,682
Cabinets $20,448
Counters $6,390
Roof Flashing $2,556
Insulation $2,144
Interior Doors $341
Windows $4,672
Drywall $3,578
 Floor Coverings $852
Hardwood $3,657
Tile $8,378
Painting $2,272
Specialties $3,976
Plumbing $16,969
HVAC $554
Electrical $18,815
Grand Total $165,725