Sample Kitchen Remodel

A typical kitchen remodel can range between $70k-$120k, depending on the size of the kitchen, the chosen features and more. Below we have included a cost breakdown of a sample project PEGASUS estimated for a kitchen remodel in Lexington, MA. Also, check out the corresponding before vs. after floor plans and pictures of the completed job!

Sample Kitchen Remodel Cost Breakdown

Old Floor Plan

New Floor Plan

Job Phase Gross Total Costs
Permits $3,032
Project Management $5,112
Site Preparation $2,045
Demolition $7,668
Dumpster $2,237
Framing $8,222
Exterior Trim $312
Siding $2,016
Millwork & Trim $3,643
Cabinets $21,868
Counters $7,242
Insulation $1,349
Interior Doors $667
Windows $2,130
Drywall $6,362
Hardwood $7,086
Tile $1,349
Painting $6,532
Specialties $682
Plumbing $11,983
HVAC $1,413
Electrical $19,312
Grand Total $122,261