Sample Open Floor Plan Renovation

Many old homes in the New England area have closed off rooms that restrict light and traffic flow. Creating an open floor plan allows for more functionality and a brighter living area. Typically, creating these open floors plans includes a kitchen renovation and potentially work in the dining room, 1st floor bath, and the living room. This type of work ranges from $90k to $150k. Below we have included a cost breakdown of a job that PEGASUS completed in Belmont, MA as an example. Check out the old floor plan vs. the new floor plan for the home’s first floor, as well as the completed job pictures!

Sample Open Floor Plan Cost Breakdown

Old Floor Plan

New Floor Plan

Job Phase Gross Total Costs
Permits $3,057
Project Management $5,751
Site Preparation $2,386
Demolition $7,642
Dumpster $2,237
Concrete $1,775
Framing $9,812
Exterior Trim $582
Deck Framing $249
Deck Railing $5,454
Siding $4,033
Millwork & Trim $2,871
Cabinets $19,028
Counters $6,390
Insulation $2,684
Exterior Doors $809
Interior Doors $341
Windows $909
Drywall $4,871
Floor Coverings $852
Hardwood $3,970
Tile $2,414
Painting $4,034
Specialties $8,605
Plumbing $13,774
HVAC $554
Electrical $21,868
Grand Total $136,951