Online Project Management: Everyone’s on the Same Page

PEGASUS Design-to-Build takes ownership of every project, going to great lengths to complete the up-front work necessary to ensure that every aspect of the work goes smoothly. With the design finalized, we bring in our reliable and experienced tradesmen—carpenters, electricians, plumbers, heating and ventilation professionals, and others whose expertise is needed—to the jobsite so they can see first-hand the existing space and the work that needs to be done. This contributes to our ability to prepare accurate pricing and a set schedule.

The entire design/build team has easy access to one another and to a specially created project website that contains specifications, plans, schedules and other documentation. You, the client may also access the site to see what is happening at any given time throughout the project’s duration. In addition, our carpenters have tablets that not only give them access to important project information, but also give them instant access to one another through Skype.

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 Example Kitchen Design and Remodel

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PEGASUS Design-to-Build has a wealth of experience in home design, renovations, remodels and additions. To learn more and to see some of the beautiful spaces we have completed, take a few moments to further explore this website.