3-in-1 First Floor Belmont Renovation

This Belmont home’s first floor has been completely transformed by Pegasus. What used to be a small screened in 3-season room is now a fully functional living room with a fireplace and comfortable couch area. Adjacent to the living room is a bar area with a beverage fridge and bar facing the kitchen.

Pegasus reconfigured the entrance to the powder room to add more privacy. Previously, the bathroom’s door faced the kitchen and was extremely visible. Now, the bathroom entrance is separate from the kitchen. Additionally, we added a door that gives the family easy access to their backyard.

This 3-in-1 remodel has given our clients the chance to maximize the utilization of their space. The family and guests can congregate at the kitchen island, the bar area, the living room and/or dining area. The clients can cook dinner and keep an eye on their children as they sit in the living room watching TV. After the remodel, the family has many more possibilities to host and enjoy family time!