Refreshed Arlington Kitchen

Never could I have imagined my childhood home could be so beautiful and yet so functional. Pegasus Design-To-Build provided home remodeling services that exceeded my expectations in every area. From initial contact, design, and build, the Pegasus team was professional, respectful, on time and on budget with transparency in all areas. My home has been in my family for over 40 years and was overdue for a kitchen/dining room remodel given the wear and tear of two generations of children and family living. My home had no first floor closet or storage space. I really wanted to solve my “shoe problem“ as I’ll admit keeping shoes in a kitchen cabinet was not my finest moment. We also wanted to explore the possibility of adding a half bath to our one bathroom home. After meeting with several possible contractors, my initial contact with Geoff, the owner. was very positive. He explained his process and really took the time to answer my questions. I met with Pegasus’s extremely talented designer Jenna, who again listened to what I hoped to achieve, carefully photographed and measured my home and created several lovely personalized design plans each of which would have worked beautifully in my home. Jenna stressed I should choose what I loved and we selected one of her designs that would come to suit my family perfectly. Jenna then worked with me as I picked out all the needed items from my beautiful cabinets, to countertops to fixtures. I cannot say enough kind words about the vendor process. Each professional I worked with was outstanding. They clearly had a warm and positive, professional relationship with Pegasus and each and every person I worked with reaffirmed that I had chosen the right team. One area that Pegasus really stood out on was communication. In addition to in person meetings, phone calls and emails, I was given a web page specific to my project where all the relevant information, plans, selections and financials were available and updated regularly. Having everything in one centralized, easily accessible place made the process and tracking the details much more manageable than it would have been otherwise. Eager to begin, we prepared for a November start. I certainly believe that a winter build poses its own special set of challenges especially as my family continued to live in the home throughout the build. Here is where Pegasus truly shined and showed their expertise. Every single person who worked in my home was wonderful. Danielle took care to carefully protect my home. She put up the protective barriers that would not only define the construction space but would also help keep out the elements from the rest of my home while we lived in the remaining space. Each and every tradesman was a true professional. I could see how carefully they constructed my new spaces. Each day progress was evident. I was also kept up to date with daily emails. As a mom it was important to me that I felt comfortable with the people entering and working in my home around my children every day. Tony, the electrician and his crew were top notch and Wayne, the plumber, was especially adept at working through what I think may have been the most challenging aspects of the project. Moving pipes and balancing our heating system, where the old met the new, resulted in its own complications. Wayne really was patient with us and was able to thoughtfully work through these challenges in a way that I will always be grateful for. The carpenters Josh, Mark and Duane were amazing. They were so kind, careful and patient and I feel each one of them really took the time needed to build me something special. I cannot thank them enough for building me such a truly beautiful kitchen, a place perfect just for me. My new kitchen is warm, friendly and also elegant, more than I could have ever hoped for. Not only are Josh, Mark and Duane excellent carpenters building me the most lovely kitchen and beautiful big windows in my dining area, but they were also friendly, had a great sense of humor and were especially thoughtful going above and beyond to show me kindness on days when it was really needed. I am very grateful to Geoff for sending me such wonderful people. Of course none of this could have been possible without excellent project management. Mike was exceptional. He was there to coordinate every aspect of the build. He is smart, responsive and has excellent communication skills. He was extremely patient with his explanations and took the time to educate me when needed so I could make informed decisions. Of course my project a 4- 5 month winter remodel and addition was not without it’s small difficulties. As questions or concerns arose, Mike made a point of being extremely responsive. He worked with me to resolve any concerns or answer any questions to my complete satisfaction. He truly wanted me to be happy with every aspect of my space, My home turned out beautiful. I had expected a mud room, but what I got was so much more. They built me a lovely porch, a mudroom/back entry way that is truly both pretty and functional with a little bench and a large closet which solved my “shoe” problem. My much needed new powder room is just the right size and located in just the right place. My kitchen and dining area are just so pretty, I never could have imagined even Jenna’s lovely design could have turned out so beautifully. I would highly recommend anyone considering any type of home remodel to contact Geoff and the team at Pegasus and I look forward to working with them again soon on my next project.

– Client in Arlington, MA