Sample Master Suite Renovation

Love your home but need some extra space? Building a 2nd floor master suite can provide you with an extra bedroom and bath so you can comfortably fit your entire family in your home. Below we have an example where PEGASUS built the 2nd floor addition on top of an existing garage. Check out the cost breakdown and take a look at the old vs. new floor plans!

Sample 2nd Floor Master Suite Addition

Old Floor Plans

New Floor Plans
Job Phase Gross Total Costs
Design $710
Permits $3,578
Project Management $6,071
Site Preparation $3,919
Demolition $7,313
Dumpster $2,237
Framing $19,562
Exterior Trim $3,635
Siding $9,074
Millwork & Trim $6,457
Cabinets $1,747
Counters $1,534
Roof Flashing $3,235
Insulation $2,912
Interior Doors @,755
Windows $6,142
Drywall $4,970
Floor Coverings $2,556
Hardwood $5,272
Tile $6,958
Painting $7,100
Specialties $170
Plumbing $15,194
HVAC $3,813
Electrical $19,383
Grand Total $146,335