Sample Bathroom Replacement

Want to freshen up in an up-to-date bathroom? PEGASUS offers bathroom remodels in which we keep the footprint the same but replace its features. This type of remodel usually ranges from $25k-$30k. Despite not changing the layout, this gives the bathroom an entirely upgraded feel. Check out an example below:

Sample Bathroom Replacement Cost Breakdown
Job Phase Gross Total Costs
Permits $527
Project Management $801
Site Preparation $699
Demolition $1,850
Dumpster $719
Framing $466
Millwork & Trim $430
Cabintes $562
Counters $575
Insulation $603
Drywall $1,096
Floor Coverings $822
Tile $3,494
Painting $822
Specialties $164
Plumbing $6,850
HVAC $1,295
Electrical $1,644
Grand Total $23,418