Sample Master Bath Remodel

Looking for a his and her’s bathroom to share? Or a place to unwind in a new bathtub? A new master bath may be a great option for you. This type of remodel typically costs between $35k and $60k. Below is an example of a master bathroom PEGASUS completed in Newton, MA. Check out the cost breakdown!

Sample Master Bath Remodel Cost Breakdown
Job Phase Gross Total Cost
Permits $969
Project Management $1,725
Site Preparation $1,108
Demolition $3,053
Dumpster $746
Framing $1,037
Millwork & Trim $1,439
Cabinets $2,073
Counters $1,022
Insulation $994
Interior Doors $497
Windows $497
Drywall $1,988
Floor Coverings $852
Tile $5,609
Painting $1,704
Specialties $3,862
Plumbing $9,159
HVAC $277
Electrical $6,248
Grand Total $44,859