Single & Multiple Story Additions

Additional space, small or large, can make living in your home much more enjoyable and make life easier! Additions are a great option for clients who may need an extra bedroom, bathroom, office, etc. upstairs, and/or a living room, kitchen, playroom, etc. downstairs. Below are general descriptions of the additions PEGASUS often builds. If you click on the link you will be brought to a sample breakdown of the project type!

Small Single-Story Addition: Single-story additions are extremely practical; often clients add a sunroom, playroom, mudroom and more to their existing homes.

Large Single-Story Addition: Large Single-Story additions offer so much convenience for our clients. Whether you use the space for a family room, kitchen, or office, the room(s) are always appreciated and utilized.

Small Two-Story Addition: This type of addition, for example, is perfect for a client who may need an extra bathroom upstairs and a sun-room downstairs. The combination of uses for the extra space that PEGASUS builds for you is endless.

Large Two-Story Addition: One example of a large two-story addition is if a client chose to build a extra bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs, and a kitchen and/or family room downstairs. The combination of uses for the extra space that PEGASUS builds for you is endless.

Tear-ff & 2nd Story Addition: If your home is a single-story, and you find yourself struggling to have enough space, doing a tear-off may be the best option for you. Building a 2nd floor provides so much more space for bedrooms, bathrooms, office space and more.

In-Law Addition: When you need family near-by, you may need extra space in your home to accommodate them. PEGASUS can make this process as easy and convenient for clients as possible.