Sample Small Two-Story Addition

Additional space, small or large, can make living in your home much more enjoyable and make life easier! If you need more space on your first and second floor, a two-story addition may be a great option for you. These types of additions can vary greatly based on the amount of space you want to add, as well as what type of rooms. The example below is for a family in Melrose, MA who added an office to the first floor and large bathroom with storage to the second floor. See below for the cost breakdown, floor plans and pictures of the completed job!

Sample Small Two-Story Addition Cost Breakdown

Old Floor Plans

New Floor Plans

Job Type Gross Total Costs
Permits $3,726
Project Management $8,307
Site Preparation $1,789
Demolition $2,496
Dumpster $2,237
Excavation $17,040
Concrete $3,550
Framing $21,039
Exterior Trim $1,988
Siding $11,090
Millwork & Trim $9,394
Cabinets $3,238
Counters $2,556
Roof Flashing $2,641
Interior Doors $2,158
Windows $4,729
Drywall $5,964
Floor Coverings $1,278
Hardwood $5,077
Tile $6,887
Painting $6,106
Specialties $3,408
Plumbing $20,519
Electrical $8,236
Grand Total 155,454