Sample Tear-off & Addition

Feeling cramped in your single story home? Tearing off your existing roof and building a 2nd floor adds so much space for a growing family. We have included a sample cost breakdown for a tear-off below. This family chose to build a second floor with 4 bedrooms, including a master bedroom, and two baths. The 2nd-floor addition has given the family the space they desperately needed! Check out the example below.

Sample Tear-off Cost Breakdown

Old Exterior

New Exterior

Job Phase Gross Total Costs
Permits $7,455
Project Management $7,988
Site Preparation $6,390
Dumpster $2,982
Plumbing $25,204
Electrical $19,738
Demolition $8,520
Concrete $4,970
Framing $50,268
Exterior Trim $4,374
Siding $39,192
Millwork & Trim $19,781
Cabinets $2,996
Counters $1,874
Roof Flashing $11,715
Insulation $4,828
Interior Doors $5,978
Windows $12,160
Drywall $10,437
Floor Coverings $2,556
Hardwood $8,307
Tile $9,869
Painting $5,219
Specialties $2,613
Plumbing $7,100
HVAC $14,910
Grand Total $297,425